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VIP Coaching

For the highly ambitious who dream, and will settle for nothing less. VIP Coaching is a no holds barred approach to getting crystal clear on your future and creating it instead of letting it create you. Let’s get to work.

You are your greatest strength and your greatest weakness.

VIP Coaching is hands down, the most powerful relationship that I have with my clients. I believe that every human being, regardless of financial wealth or circumstance, can live their dreams and achieve their definition of success. With VIP Coaching, I am your biggest cheerleader, advocate, and pain in the ass. We don’t make excuses, we own our sh*t, and we never forget where we’ve come from.

We live in a world that encourages safety and the status quo. I’m giving you permission to dream, and the support to help you achieve them.

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Some Things to Note

Most frequent questions and answers

Why VIP Coaching?

The most powerful way to work together has been, and will always be one-on-one. With VIP Coaching, I’m yours. You have my personal phone number and we tackle anything and everything, together.

What will you help me with?

Where do you need the help? We unpack everything, so that you can finally be free from your past and create the life that you deserve. We look at where you’re at in every aspect of your life from a macro level first, so. that later we can focus on the micro details. 

How long does this last?

This depends entirely on you. I work with some people once every few months and others every week. We’ll talk exactly what our relationship will look like on our discovery call.

Is Coaching Expensive?

Yes, and also no! VIP Coaching is an investment and should be treated as such. You’re investing into yourself and into your future. 

Do I already need to be successful?

Absolutely NOT! After all, success is subjective. For some it’s financial wealth, for some it’s a career that allows the ability to pick the kids up from school. Part of what we’ll do when we are together is define what success looks like for you. 

Can we meet in Person?

I will always prefer working together in person! However, due to the current pandemic all of our calls will take place over Zoom so that we can both stay safe! #SocialDistance #WearAMask

How Do I Get Started?

We start with a quick phone call. We get to know each other and see if we make a good fit. This first call is always free because we’re both auditioning for each other!

If we decide together that we make a good fit, then we get started! We’ll work through any existing struggles, as well as getting crystal clear on what’s working and what’s not working in your life. From there, we create a plan and strategize. You dream, and we work together to make it happen.