Jarryd Ross -

Meet Jarryd

Hi There – I’m Jarryd! Huge fan of almond butter, good coffee and Coldplay. (Fix You is the greatest song ever recorded) I’m a semi-retired actor who is living my dreams by helping and empowering others to live theirs.

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“You can't control the weather, but you can put on your boots and dance in the rain.”

- Jarryd Ross


I feel very fortunate to call Toronto home and to have the life that I have. I mean, my job is to help and support others. 

As an actor, my greatest joy came from being vulnerable on stage in front of different audiences night after night. I loved the ability to be completely raw and human. I had the recognition and “success” that I’d always desired but still felt like I was missing something.

For me, things got really bad, really fast. I ended up suicidal and in the emergency room. Lot’s of hard work and therapy followed. 

In 2018, I decided to take a leave from performing and stop playing a character. I realized that I could do what I really loved, which is inspiring and positively impacting others without the need of playing a character. I could just be me.

Now, I have the extreme honor of sharing the stage with truly incredible people across the world and working one-on-one with individuals and organizations.

Today and tomorrow, I’m on a mission to lead with humanity, inspire growth and create a world where every human being feels like they belong and are capable of realizing their natural potential.