Michael Scott from The Office on NBC

3 Things Michael Scott Absolutely Nails About Being A Great Manager

I imagine that very few people who watch The Office are taking management notes from Michael Scott, but they probably should be.

The show sees Michael do some seriously crazy stuff, but amongst the noise, there are three key ideas to note.

1. He cares deeply about his people

What does he do when Stanley has a heart attack? He immediately starts thinking of ways that they can “de-stress” the office.

2. His employees trust him

It’s crucial that you trust your manager actually has your best interests at heart and because Michael consistently demonstrates this, his employees know that they can go to him with anything.

3. He shows up as 100% of who he is

… and when a leader does this, employees can feel safe showing up as their whole self as well.

Michael has his faults, sure, but what would the world look like if everyone reported to someone whom they trusted, genuinely cared about them, and showed up as 100% of who they are?

That world is possible — let’s all have the courage to make it so.